Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Nvidia has presented new Tegra platform

Nvidia has presented new Tegra platformNew Nvidia technology called Tegra has been presented yesterday. This is mobile platform for mobile Pc's and UMPC with rich video capabilities. Let's see what Tegra technology contains:
  • Tegra chip contains 800МГц ARM CPU, GPU GeForce, additional image processor, HDTV processor, other communication controllers, USB controllers,memory and others.
  • There will be two Nvidia chip models — Tegra 600 and Tegra 650. This chips will support Quake 3 on 40 fps and HD 1080p, WSXGA+.
  • It will support only Windows Mobile, not Symbian or Android.
  • UMPC with Tegra onboard with displays from 4-inch to 12-inches
  • Price will be from $199 to $249

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