Wednesday, August 20, 2008

First AMD Turion 64 X2 netbook - Everun Note

First AMD Turion 64 netbookKorean company Raon Digital reported that it has developed first netbook (mobile PC for network access) powered by dual core AMD Turin 64 X2 processor. Name of this device is Everun Note. New processor operates on 1.2 GHz rate. The device equipped with 1Gb RAM, 60Gb hard disk, 7-inch display with 1024x600 pixel resolution. Also device has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, 1.3 Mpx webcam and SD/MMC flashcard adapter. The size of this device is really small - 200x118x2,5 mm. This is smaller that ASUS EeePC and MSI Wind size. Also it is really lightweight - the weight of netbook is only 0.75kg. This Mobile PC running Windows XP.

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Thanks for this info. I'm tried of hugging my 17" laptop around. Somthing like this will fit me sweetly. The price will have to be right though :) Any idea when this is going to be available here ?
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