Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Google revealed Chrome OS, Chrome Web Store, first Chrome netbook

Google Chrome OS, Chrome Web Store, first Chrome netbookToday Google has launched widely rumored Chrome OS. As we know this is planned to be the fast, lightweight OS that is based entirely on Google's Chrome web browser. Along with OS presentation Google opened its web-based marketplace for web apps, Chrome Web Store.
Specially for new OS Google Chrome browser got some updates. It got improved speed and support for HTML5 and WebM video, also now it can run 3D worlds scripted with WebGL. The biggest improvement announced today was an enchancement to browser's script engine called Crankshaft. It makes the engine up to 2x faster and 100x (!) faster than IE was two years ago.
Web Store is now available on this link Chrome OS need only one minute to setup and start using it. UI is based on Chrome browser. To share Chrome OS netbook with other people is really easy. Just activate guest mode. That it. It opens a full incognito mode. In offline you still can continue working in Google Docs. Next time netbook establish connection changes get synced. Every Chrome OS netbook will get builtin data connectivity of many types. So you are able to stay connected all the time . Printing implemented through Google Cloud Print.
Acer and Samsung plan to be first who released Chrome notebooks in mid 2011. But the first Chrome netbook already is available. Its name is Cr-48. It got 12.1 inch display, Wi-Fi, 3G GSM, Webcam for video chat.

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