Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Acer AspireOne 522 netbook based on AMD Brazos platform

One 522 netbook based on AMD Brazos platformAcer revealed plans to release its first netbook based on AMD's Brazos platform Aspire One 522. This new netbook has a 10-inch display and is powered by the 1.0 GHz AMD C-50 "Ontario" CPU. This chip integrates two x86 cores and embedded graphics adaptor. The AspireOne 522 has standard equipment for such type of netbooks - a built-in webcam, USB and HDMI ports. Such powerful device may successfully beat Intel's Atom netbook devices if its price won't be too high. More important that this powerful device able to run over 6 hours using standard battery. Acer plan perform more complete presentation at CES 2011.

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