Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Acer AspireOne 522 netbook based on AMD Brazos platform

One 522 netbook based on AMD Brazos platformAcer revealed plans to release its first netbook based on AMD's Brazos platform Aspire One 522. This new netbook has a 10-inch display and is powered by the 1.0 GHz AMD C-50 "Ontario" CPU. This chip integrates two x86 cores and embedded graphics adaptor. The AspireOne 522 has standard equipment for such type of netbooks - a built-in webcam, USB and HDMI ports. Such powerful device may successfully beat Intel's Atom netbook devices if its price won't be too high. More important that this powerful device able to run over 6 hours using standard battery. Acer plan perform more complete presentation at CES 2011.

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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Google revealed Chrome OS, Chrome Web Store, first Chrome netbook

Google Chrome OS, Chrome Web Store, first Chrome netbookToday Google has launched widely rumored Chrome OS. As we know this is planned to be the fast, lightweight OS that is based entirely on Google's Chrome web browser. Along with OS presentation Google opened its web-based marketplace for web apps, Chrome Web Store.
Specially for new OS Google Chrome browser got some updates. It got improved speed and support for HTML5 and WebM video, also now it can run 3D worlds scripted with WebGL. The biggest improvement announced today was an enchancement to browser's script engine called Crankshaft. It makes the engine up to 2x faster and 100x (!) faster than IE was two years ago.
Web Store is now available on this link Chrome OS need only one minute to setup and start using it. UI is based on Chrome browser. To share Chrome OS netbook with other people is really easy. Just activate guest mode. That it. It opens a full incognito mode. In offline you still can continue working in Google Docs. Next time netbook establish connection changes get synced. Every Chrome OS netbook will get builtin data connectivity of many types. So you are able to stay connected all the time . Printing implemented through Google Cloud Print.
Acer and Samsung plan to be first who released Chrome notebooks in mid 2011. But the first Chrome netbook already is available. Its name is Cr-48. It got 12.1 inch display, Wi-Fi, 3G GSM, Webcam for video chat.

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Sunday, December 05, 2010

PeeWee Power 2.0 netbook for kids

PeeWee PC netbook for kidsPeeWee PC company has started sales of new netbook with water resistant keyboard and rugged case. It specialy targeted for kids. It has about twenty learning games preinstalled and Internet firewall with parent control functions.
Device specificatoin is: 1.6 MHz Intel Atom CPU, 1Gb RAM (may be extended to 2Gb), only 30Gb HDD, SD card reader, WiFi connectivity, screen resolution is 1024x600. Windows XP or Windows 7 may be preinstalled to this netbook. The proposedd price is USD $450.

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

CherryPad America - new iPad competitor

CherryPad America CherryPal company known by its $99 smartbooks Africa and Asia, announced a new smartpad CherryPad America.

This gadget got 7-inch resistive touchscreen with 480×800 pixel resolution (WVGA), Wi-Fi connectivity (IEEE 802.11b/g), MicroSD cards slot , 256 Mb RAM and 2Gb flash drive. Work time is about 7 hours.

This device running Android 2.1 OS (with upgrade to 2.2 version), also available OpenGL 2.0 support and Android Market access. Core CPU here is 800 MHz Samsung chip.

Announced price of CherryPad America is $188. It's more twice cheaper than Apple iPad. But developers don't plan to direct compete iPad on the market.

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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Google Chrome OS for netbooks

First AMD Turion 64 netbookFinally we got the right lightweight OS for our netbooks. I hope it will run much faster than Windows XP now on my ASUS EeePC 901. Google will be launching the Chrome OS for netbooks in second half of 2010. With OS will be focused on web apps. So you can move all your work to the web with your netbook. Will se how it will compete with Microsoft Windows XP and future Windows 7 products.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

First AMD Turion 64 X2 netbook - Everun Note

First AMD Turion 64 netbookKorean company Raon Digital reported that it has developed first netbook (mobile PC for network access) powered by dual core AMD Turin 64 X2 processor. Name of this device is Everun Note. New processor operates on 1.2 GHz rate. The device equipped with 1Gb RAM, 60Gb hard disk, 7-inch display with 1024x600 pixel resolution. Also device has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, 1.3 Mpx webcam and SD/MMC flashcard adapter. The size of this device is really small - 200x118x2,5 mm. This is smaller that ASUS EeePC and MSI Wind size. Also it is really lightweight - the weight of netbook is only 0.75kg. This Mobile PC running Windows XP.

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